“I regained strength and mobility in my wrists. I am now able to open jars and bottles without pain”. Theresa,  Limerick.

“The Osteofit exercises have made me more mobile.  Also, the back exercises have allowed me to do more during my day without backache as was the case beforehand”. Miriam,  Clare.

“Osteofit has been of great benefit to me for these reasons, my flexibility has increased, my upper body is much stronger and my balance improving. The classes give me a great feeling of well-being and I miss it very much if unable to attend”. Mary,  Limerick.

 “Brenda takes into account individual needs of each participant in class. My flexibility has improved overall”. Lillie, Limerick.

 “I find myself to be more mobile and flexible since starting Osteofit.  At first, I was reluctant but now I look forward to going to the class every week”. Margaret, Limerick.