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Brenda Cahill founder osteofit.ie

Brenda Cahill

My name is Brenda and I have developed Osteofit® to provide exercise classes for active older adults, male and female, interested in maintaining and building bone density while improving strength, flexibility and balance, thereby reducing the risk of falling.

These classes are particularly suitable and safe for those suffering from Osteoporosis.

Each class starts with a short light warm up, followed by exercises for balance, strength, posture and bone density building. The exercises are gentle and easy to perform while also being very effective. There is no jumping, running or high impact activities involved. Classes finish with exercises for relaxation, flexibility and cooling down.  Regular breaks are taken and everyone is encouraged to drink water during breaks.

All equipment is provided, although over time some participants may wish to bring their own. We use a combination of chairs, walls, dumb-bells of various weights, ankle weights and resistance bands. Exercises are performed standing, sitting on chairs, and on floor mats.  Anyone who is not happy to go onto the floor (or more often, get up from the floor), can do the exercises at the wall.

The atmosphere in each class is sociable, relaxed and well structured.

It would be lovely to see you at one of the classes.

You are welcome to come along to any class at any time and your first ‘trial’ class is FREE.

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